[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [ion] 20656: - Do not generate manifest files for drivers or native apps.

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Sat Jan 7 10:07:16 CET 2006

James Tabor wrote:

> Hi Alex,
> ion at svn.reactos.org wrote:
>> - Get portcls to compile.
>> trunk/reactos/drivers/multimedia/portcls/portcls.c
>> trunk/reactos/drivers/multimedia/portcls/portcls.h
> Was OSR wrong? Wow! 8^o
> Thanks,
> James
I don't think OSR defined all the APIs with DWORD Unknown0 instead of 
actual pointers and data structures like I saw in the real header ;)

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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