[ros-dev] Revision 20911 Boot Problems

WaxDragon waxdragon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 16:38:54 CET 2006

I actually get this under qemu:

(./ntoskrnl/ke/main.c:292) ReactOS 0.3-SVN (Build 20060116-r20911)
Used memory 262144Kb
(./ntoskrnl/mm/mminit.c:387) Kernel Stack Limits. InitTop =
0x800ca000, Init = 0x800c7000
(./ntoskrnl/mm/mm.c:283) No current process
(./ntoskrnl/io/driver.c:1295) Driver 'buslogic.sys' load failed,
status (c0000001)
(drivers/input/i8042prt/registry.c:197) Can't read registry: c0000034
(drivers/input/i8042prt/registry.c:203) Manually set defaults
(./ntoskrnl/io/disk.c:630) RDiskCount 2
(./ntoskrnl/io/disk.c:665) ZwCreateKey failed for
\Registry\Machine\SYSTEM\MountedDevices, status=c0000034
Entered debugger on last-chance exception number 14 (Page Fault)
Memory at 0x00000000 could not be read: Page not present.
kdb:> bt

*Unless* I disable kqemu, then I get the V86GPF like vmware does.  I
also get the same error on my real hardware.  Alex suggested had a
dirty tree, and even though I clean before each update, I went back
over my tree with 'svn st --no-ignore' and cleaned everything.  This
still happens.

Alex claimed that he was able to boot in qemu and vmware, so I'm
suspecting this is a compiler problem.

Jim Tabor and I are both using mingw 3.4.2 and binutils 2.15.94, which
is the same versions as the RosBE 0.1.

Anyone *not* seeing this problem?

<Alex_Ionescu> it's like saying let's rename Ke to Kernel because
people think it's Ketchup

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