[ros-dev] Re: Bye bye (Lucio Diaz)

Lucio Diaz reactos_translate at yahoo.es
Fri Jan 20 03:58:47 CET 2006

The solution is quite easy, is Harmut believes the
code could have implemented another way, unrelated to
the microsoft way, i propouse that Alex gives him the
documentation and Harmut does write the code.

Either if Harmut manages to make a quite diferent code
for that piece of reactos, or is proved that there is
no other way of writing the code Reactos developers
can be safe about that particular code.

And just an advice, it seems you MUST meet each other
face to face, to know each other (a few beers would
help) and get a working relationship.I believe there
is no need of theatral posts and the such,
disagreements is habitual when there is more that one
person, but flaming, bashing or threatening is not the
solution. Talking is.

Take it easy,

Lucio Diaz.

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