[ros-dev] A call for 0.2.8

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Tue Oct 11 20:22:53 CEST 2005

I think 0.2.8 would be OK to release.  We have Fireball's USB code.  And 
maybe Alex's winsock and/or hpoussin's pnp code. So as long as we have 
something to show other then a new version number I'm fine with it.


WaxDragon wrote:

>I know how most of the devs feel about releases, but I think it's time
>to branch 0.2.8.
>After a period of instability, trunk is now showing stability.  GvG
>and Ged reported surprising stability from the LinuxWorld demo builds,
>I personally had favorable results from my September State of the Repo
>tests.  Last night I was able to build a ReactOS bootcd under r18404,
>and then take that bootcd and install it under qemu, under ROS! 
>Gunnar's win32k changes have had some time to bake in and seem ok*.
>There have been approximately 1800 commits since 0.2.7, and I want
>those changes to get some general use..
>I don't want to *release* now, but I want to tag the branch now, and
>maybe release in two weeks (which would make three months sine 0.2.7).
> Putting out an RC1 would give the codebase exposure to the general
>public, who may find problems we as devs overlook.  This will also
>give devs and testers a change to focus on some of the big issues I
>see at the moment, *like this mysterious hang we see on shutdown. 
>Also, those who wish to move forward can do so, even breaking /
>destabilising the tree.
>Giving us two or three weeks for testing release canidates will also
>allow for the PnP/USB and ws2_32 work to be merged in before the
><arty> don't question it ... it's clearly an optimization
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