[ros-dev] GIT mirror

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Thu Jan 8 15:09:35 CET 2009

Since Arty just mentioned GIT, I think it's about time to uncover a  
ReactOS GIT mirror I've been setting up recent couple of weeks.

It works pretty good so far, autoupdates every 10 minutes, so it  
stays quite up-to-date.

git://git.reactos.org/ - for git cloning.
http://git.reactos.org - for web viewing.

As for branches, it was actually my main intention in using a DVCS,  
because SVN branches are greatly uncomfortable to develop anything  
because of the need to keep the branch up-to-date.

But, to prevent any gossips, SVN stays as our main repository, and  
GIT mirror is just for exploration of new possibilities, and for  
comfortability of working with branches - if someone wants to try  
that out. Usual SVN branches are still permitted.

Aleksey Bragin.

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